Friday, May 1, 2009

miss international 2009

Miss International 2009, the 49th Miss International pageant, will be held Chengdu, Sichuan, China in November 28, 2009. About 70 contestants are expected to attend the pageant. Alejandra Andreu of Spain will crown her successor at the end of the event.

partial/ official candidates:

Argentina * Mercedes Viaña 
Bahamas * Amanda Appleyard 
Belgium * Cassandra D'Ermilio
Bolivia * Laura Olivera
Brazil * Rayanne Morais
Colombia * Lina Mosquera
Cuba * Patricia Rosales 
Dominican Republic * Victoria Fernández
Ecuador * Isabela Chiriboga
El Salvador * Vanessa Hueck
Estonia * Sille-Liisi Eving
France * Camille Cheyere
Gabon * Marlyne Léa Ayene
Greece * Margarita Papandreou
Guatemala * Ivanna Bonilla Oliva
Hong Kong * Germaine Li
India * Harshita Saxena
Indonesia * Ayu Diandra Sari
Japan * Yuka Nakayama
Korea * Seo Eun-mi
Martinique * Nathaly Peters
Mexico * Anagabriela Espinoza
Northern Marianas * Sorene Maratita
Norway * Beatrice M. Delås
Panama * Joyce Jacobi 
Paraguay * Romina Bogado
Philippines * Melody Gersbach
Slovakia * Aneta Valentová
Spain * Fátima Jímenez 
Tanzania * Hidaya Maheda
Turkey * Begüm Yılmaz 
United Kingdom * Chloe-Beth Morgan
USA * Aileen Yap 
Venezuela * Laksmi Rodríguez


Anonymous said...

If any Florida Residents want to participate, view to sign up for the N. Florida preliminary.

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